A poster promoting Matthew Bourne's dance show Swan Lake. Showing a dancer made up to look like a swan looking menacingly outward, bent double and holding his arms behind him as if they are wings. The title if written across the moon which is visible behind him.

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake: The Next Generation

Matthew Bourne’s audacious, rule-breaking reinvention of Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece caused a sensation when it premiered almost 30 years ago. The New Adventures flagship production has now become the most successful dance theatre production of all time, creating new audiences and inspiring generations of young dancers. In celebration of that ongoing impact, Swan Lake will take flight once more in a major new revival for the next generation of dancers, and for audiences who will experience it for the very first time.

Thrilling, bold, witty and emotive, this genre-defining event is still best known for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with a menacing male ensemble, which shattered convention, turning tradition on its head.

First staged at Sadler’s Wells in London in 1995, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake took the dance theatre world by storm becoming the longest running full-length dance classic in the West End and on Broadway. It has since been performed across the globe, collecting over thirty international accolades including the Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production and three Tony Awards for Best Director of a Musical, Best Choreography and Best Costume Design.

Visit this website for production shots and general information about the show.

This production will be touring from November 2024 and available for UK and International touring. Please contact us for further information.

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